Safety is Our Core Value and Advantage

Simpas S.A. Proactively Identifies, Communicates and Corrects Unsafe Behaviors

Our culture is centered on the belief that our greatest responsibility is to protect one another, our clients, and the communities around us each day. We reinforce this commitment by investing in our employees, providing access to in-house continuing education and training programs that develop the framework for a smarter and efficient workforce. Employees of all levels actively engage in the rigorous compliance standards of our industry, effectively aligning all facets of our business with the goal of constantly improving project performance utilizing industry-leading safety practices.


SIMPAS Live Better is complying with all provincial and local security and health precautions pertaining to the COVID-19 virus. We are responding to inquiries and consultations via phone, email and Zoom. SIMPAS Live Better and its suppliers are all working and prepared to provide you with information on products and services on a timely basis. Our product supplies are unrestricted. Orders, manufacturing and delivery have been continuing through these times. We experienced no delays because of COVID-19.