SIMPAS takes the stage at TEDx!

Simpas Live Better hits the corporate stage at TEDx!

We’re excited to share some incredible news with our community: Simpas Live Better has been invited to take the corporate stage at TEDx! This prestigious opportunity is a reflection of our commitment to innovation, excellence and the relentless pursuit of new ideas.

As we prepare to share our story on this global platform, we reflect on our journey from humble beginnings to becoming one of the fastest growing companies in Europe. From pioneering precision in aluminium to mastery in steel, our commitment to pushing the boundaries and redefining industry standards is unwavering.

At TEDx, we will have the opportunity to showcase the transformative impact of our work, from our revolutionary architectural solutions to our commitment to sustainability and social engagement. We look forward to sharing insights, sparking meaningful conversations, and inspiring others to embrace innovation and creativity in their own endeavors.

Together, let’s continue to shape the future of design, engineering, and architectural solutions. TEDx, here we come!

simpas live better in tedx simpas live better
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