Quality Policy

Quality Policy

SIMPAS – Live Better

We are a Greek business specialized in manufacturing aluminum and steel fenestration products for commercial and residential buildings. Our product portfolio includes windows, doors, storefronts, curtain walls, and architectural facades. With over 40 years of experience in the industry, in-house production line, and highly-skilled personnel, we are a one-stop supplier for aluminum and steel fenestration products. All our products are made in Greece and shipped worldwide.

Our mission

At Simpas Live Better, we are on a mission to craft products that enhance lives. With innovation and quality at our core, we’re dedicated to creating solutions that make a positive impact on individuals and communities. Through our unwavering commitment to excellence, we strive to transform everyday living, fostering comfort, safety, and beauty for those we serve.

Our vision

Guided by our unwavering commitment to innovation and our unwavering dedication to empowering individuals, our vision includes the ambition to inspire people around the world to embrace a life of high experiences, continuous growth and true well-being.

Our commitment

Commitment is the foundation of our philosophy at Simpas Live Better. Our enduring commitment extends to our customers, our partners and our exceptional team, who collectively form the heart of our business. We believe in putting people first and are committed to delivering excellence and fostering long-term relationships.

We implement

A system of quality objectives and key performance indicators for monitoring and improving:

  • Our customers’ satisfaction
  • Our production activities
  • Our project management activities
  • The reliability of our suppliers and partners
  • The efficiency of our Quality Management System

We ensure

That all our staff and partners are following our quality policy by providing continuous and systematic training, and by regularly meet to discuss matters related to our business, our customers, and every aspect that can have an impact on our quality policy.

Georgios Simpas – President / CEO
February 8 th 2023
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