Our adept team evaluates architectural specs, tailoring ideal solutions based on your needs. Our estimates cover costs and delivery, influenced by factors like materials, scale, location. With 200+ global projects, our experience and partner network set us apart.


We operate from our Ioannina, Greece facilities: a 37700 SF factory for aluminum windows, doors, and more, and a 13000 SF plant for custom steel products. Our cutting-edge Manufacturing Execution System ensures quality and real-time oversight. Compliant with ISO 9001:2015 and AAMA standards, we tailor production timelines to project scope. Reach out for specifics based on your project.


Adhering to stringent protocols, we safeguard your items with bubble wraps, carton boards, wooden crates (ISPM-15 compliant), and special belts for secure transit. Custom packaging needs? We’re adaptable to your specifications.


We strategize sea or air transport based on destination and cargo type, ensuring cost efficient solutions. We handle CIF, DAP, and DDP agreements, covering various cost and responsibility allocations. We advise on shipping options, calculate containers, and source certified packaging. Urgent parcels? Rely on UPS. Our meticulous records ensure proper packaging, and we keep you informed on shipment progress while managing customs procedures with care.


Operating as a full-fledged export entity, we extend our products to a global stage, with a worldwide presence. Notably, our offerings grace markets in the USA, Canada, and Israel, among others. Our committed export team remains steadfastly by your side, meticulously shepherding the shipping process from start to finish. As delivery times naturally fluctuate based on cargo load and delivery destinations, we stand ready to furnish you with comprehensive insights. Reach out to us for a deeper understanding of our shipping operations and how we can cater to your specific requirements.

Explore DigiTrace: Your Digital Product Passport

Welcome to the future of seamless information access with DigiTrace, the latest addition to Simpas Live Better’s digital service portfolio. Serving as your element’s digital passport, DigiTrace redefines the way you interact with our systems.

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