Custom Fenestration made of Steel

We build custom-made metal windows and doors for prestigious architectural projects. You can choose among four types of materials: Brass, Corten, Stainless, and Galvanized Steel. Each selection is available in various system profiles, based on your needs and personal style. All steel system profiles we manufacture are brought by Secco Sistemi, a European brand that is well-known for innovative designs.

Steel Windows

We manufacture casement windows, storefronts, curtain wall windows, awning and hopper windows, as well as customized designs. Our steel windows come with superior glazing options to ensure top-performance, energy efficiency, security, and visual comfort.

We offer thermally broken profiles for designers that set high insulation standards for their creations. Thermally broken windows combined with the right glass will have a tremendous positive impact on your building’s thermal insulation, solar control, energy consumption, sound insulation, security, sunlight protection, and indoor air quality.

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Steel Doors

We manufacture various types of steel doors, depending on your project’s requirements and style: Swing, slide, pivot, Bi-fold, and hinged doors. All our doors are combined with superior glazing options for maximum performance, durability, security, and natural light entry, without compromising accessibility and style.


We offer thermally broken doors for those who seek the best thermal performance for their project. Especially in locations with harsh climate conditions, doors and windows with a thermal break provide better insulation and protection from exterior elements. This creates energy efficient interior spaces and a comfortable environment for its occupants.

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Steel Sliding and Folding Systems

We offer a range of sliding and folding systems based on your project’s performance, comfort, and security requirements. Improve the design and accessibility of your building with sophisticated and easy-to-operate sliding and folding systems that create a smooth transition from interior to exterior.

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Steel Curtain Walls

Curtain walls turn the façade of an architectural design into something breathtaking. Interior spaces filled with panoramic views and natural light create a pleasant and comfortable environment for their occupants. We manufacture steel curtain walls in various combinations of technical characteristics and performance requirements. You can combine our curtain walls with a range of glazing options to achieve the best results.

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The Benefits of Steel

Steel is a durable material known for its strength. It is built to sustain extreme pressure and harsh climate conditions. 

Steel windows and doors are durable and tough. Combined with multi-lock systems they make your interior space a safe place to be.

Steel is a material that can be easily adapted to your requirements. Choose from a plethora of types and sightlines, from wide to narrow, and create your own unique style.

Due to its natural strength and durability, steel is extremely resistant to corrosion, oxidation and mold. This makes it a material that requires less effort and expenses to maintain.

Steel windows and doors offer high thermal performance. Combined with a thermal barrier, they make the best solution for energy efficient and passive houses.

Steel is considered one of the most recycled materials in the world. Over 40% of global steel production is produced from recycled steel, and the number is growing.

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The high resistance to corrosion, typical of alloy OT67, meets with the high aesthetic value of bronze for prestigious architectural solutions.


satin finish


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    Corten Steel

    A material of high aesthetic value that turns the final product into a unique and exclusive specimen. Applied first by Secco in window and door frame systems.



    oxidized waxed

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      Stainless Steel

      The inalterability and high durability of the surface the years, makes stainless steel the ideal solution in aggressive environments.


      316L burnished

      316L gloss

      304 satin finish

      316L scotch-brite

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        Galvanized Steel

        The strength of steel joined with an infinite choice of colours: A specific alloy that can protect the profile from oxidation on the inside and outside face.



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