1755 N Rock Springs Rd

The pinnacle of architectural innovation at the esteemed 1755 N Rock Springs Rd project in Atlanta, GA. Collaborating with visionary AIA award-winning architect Sheila Lee Davies and Darby Construction, we played a pivotal role by supplying state-of-the-art Reynaers window and door systems. The renowned Reynaers systems, including SlimLine 38, ConceptPatio 155 Lift & Slide, and Masterline 8 Pivot Door, showcase unparalleled energy efficiency, seamlessly connecting indoor and outdoor spaces. This project not only embodies architectural excellence but also highlights our commitment to shaping the future of design and engineering.

  • Location

    Atlanta, Georgia

  • Products

    Windows, Doors,
    Sliding & Folding Systems

  • Series

    SlimLine 38,
    ConceptPatio 155
    Lift & Slide,
    Masterline 8

  • Glazing

    Guardian SunGuard
    SN 70S

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